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Know the Lesser-Known Signs of Depression

Some individuals with depression may not realize they have depression, while others may try to hide the signs from others. While well-known symptoms like hopelessness and sadness are recognizable, others are less obvious. Hence, mental care services in Clayton, North Carolina, are essential to diagnose and treating depression.

As a trusted provider of psychosocial rehabilitation in North Carolina, we will discuss the lesser-known signs of depression:

  • Overcompensation
    Some people struggling with depression may try to deter others from knowing they are depressed. They can feel ashamed, weak, or guilty and will overcompensate through perceived happiness to disguise their symptoms. Hence, someone who appears outgoing and happy may be struggling with thoughts of emptiness and sadness.
  • Codependency
    Individuals with depression may experience overwhelming feelings of loneliness and will seek relief through attachment to others. To avoid loneliness, they may attach themselves to others to the point of codependency. However, outpatient therapy is necessary to help them cope with their symptoms and bounce back.
  • Brain Fog
    Depression can reduce cognitive function and affect memory, decision-making, and one’s ability to focus. Hence, many people who are depressed may experience “brain fog.” That is well-characterized by the inability to concentrate on tasks, forgetfulness, slower reaction times, and feelings of being mentally blocked.

At The Enhancement Center, Inc., we aim to equip our clients with the proper resources and management support to accomplish their health goals. Contact us to learn more about our services, from B3 individual support services to clinical assessments.

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