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Signs That Indicate Your Loved One May Have Depression


Being a leading provider of psychiatric care in Clayton, North Carolina, we are experts when it comes to mental conditions like depression. Dealing with depression is not easy, and it is necessary to get help. So, it is vital to know the common signs of depression to know who needs help. Read on to learn more.

You may notice that people with depression are almost always showing feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, or sadness. They may also suddenly become frustrated, irritated, and even angry over small matters.

You may notice that they do not show any interest in activities that they normally enjoyed. This can be due to their lack of energy and feelings of tiredness, which are effects of depression. Their body movements, speaking, and thinking may also become slower than usual.

They may also show changes in their sleeping habits, such as sleeping too little or too much than before, as well as changes in their eating habits, such as increased cravings or reduced appetite leading to extreme weight gain or weight loss.

If you recognize any of these signs in your loved one, seek professional help and get comprehensive clinical assessments. They can help offer the best advice and treatment programs to deal with depression.

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We provide therapy, treatments, and rehabilitation programs for people with mental and behavioral health issues. Our goal is to make mental health care accessible to the community.

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